Magnetic Towel – Sea Green


Hand towel with magnetic popper fastening to go over a rail or handle.


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Sometimes these are known as Aga towels as I made them originally to fasten over an Aga rail but my electric oven also has a rail, and many people attach them to hooks and handles in other rooms in the house.

They are also used on boats and in caravans or motor homes.

You may have seen towels with velcro or button or a tie fastening – this one is magnetic.

Throw it in the washing machine over and over and it works beautifully.

The tops come in a great variety of design, as do the towel colours, so choice can be difficult! They make great gifts and I’ve often had people trying to remember the colour of a friend’s kitchen in order to make a good colour choice. My AGA is burgundy but I have every colour of towel on it so my advice would be to  choose which one you like best. It’s fun to get a gift which a friend has chosen.

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